Locker rental on La Baule bay

Panorama Plage de la Baule

Locker rental on La Baule bay

La Baule bay proposes lockers on the beach to drop off your belongings, charge your smartphone or pad.

To ensure the quality of service, the lockers are regularly cleaned and telephone assistance is available on 02 40 54 58 68.

Lockers are available 24h/24h, 7/7.

Several size of locker within a deposit :

  • A small locker (40 x 20 x 50cm) to store a medium sized bag, wallet, keys, phone. This locker allows you to charge your mobile phone, tablet, e-cigarette.
  • A medium-sized locker (40 x 40 x 50cm) to store one or more large bags, motorcycle helmet,racket games. No phone charge in this locker.

How do I rent a beach locker ?

Easy to rent a beach locker. Go to the page Book now on and follow instructions.

Steps to rent a locker on La Baule beach

  1. When standing in front of the lockers, scan the QR code with your smartphone
  2. Select the size of locker you need.
  3. Fill in the information needed (tel number, name, email). Thanks to these information, you will receive the locker code and invoice.
  4. Please fill in your credit card details. You will be charged at the end of the rental.
  5. Drop-off your belongings and charge your smartphone. The code of your locker is available as many time as you need until you terminate your rental.
  6. Terminate your rental on
Casiers sur la Plage de la Baule

Where are the beach lockers ?

The lockers are located on the beach. You can easily find them thanks to their green flag or thanks to the map.

Price of rental ?

Lockers are rent per hour. Rental price varies according to the size of locker and the selected option : with/without USB charge.

Rental price :

  • Large locker (40x40x50cm) with no USB charge : 1,7€/hour
  • Medium size locker (20x40x50cm) with USB charge : 1,7€/hour

After 72h rental, your belongings will be considered as abandoned. Your belongings will be picked up in your locker. We will contact you to schedule the withdraw of your belongings. Please log-in on to discover rental price. You will be charge extra fee (please check our terms of sales)

What if you forget your belongings in a locker ?

Call our customer service at 02 40 54 58 68.

Casiers de consignes Made In France

Les consignes de casiers sont éco-conçues et fabriquées sur le site de Vigicube dans le 44. Conception, fabrication et assemblage à Clisson font de notre marque de consignes un fier représentant de la French Fab.

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